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Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Tak paham

Dear Gomez,
Now, i'm working on a project. About clothing. Doing this with my business partner, cum my best friend. Actually, she's already have another commitment, i mean with her another business. same kind of business actually. The problem is, i dont know which one she's commit to?? Recently, I saw many post of her talking about her another clothing business. No need to mention here la kan what the brand is. Feel veryyy disappointing  with her. I wanna a really really really serious business. I wanna make money. I wanna buy a car by my own. I really2 dont understand, and i am trying to understand. What i understand is, This is a matter of time. Give this situation a little time-maybe. 
well, I hope I can endure this. I kan Strong women?? Believe..

Ok, jgn tumpukan pada problem, carik jalan penyesalannya ye wawa..
Ok, now, i dah dapat kekuatan, What i need is to writing, nope, typing actually.. ihik! :D
Till then, i nak buat lab report bio400. Oh, seems like Mr. Azizi x marah2 dah time lab. kalau takkk.. mmg Mak Jemah sgt.  huhu.. hemm... how about calculus? sorry mdm.. kbye! :D

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Jalan-jalan ke blog ini...1st time singgah..nice blog...

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